What is Treatsie?

Discover Amazing Artisan Sweets

Treatsie helps you find amazing, high-end artisan sweets you’d normally never find unless you stumbled across the shop. Try our monthly subscription sample box of multiple and ever-changing vendors or order boxes from our store to get sweets right away!

Quality Over Quantity

At Treatsie, we only source premium quality products from small, independent businesses. Unlike some subscription boxes, Treatsie is not about providing lots of samples at a discount. Rather, we strive to help you discover high-quality sweets you love from the most talented chefs around the country.

Support Small Businesses

The sweets you get in a Treatsie box aren’t the kind you’ll find at big box stores. We only work with small, independent vendors. By subscribing to Treatsie, you are directly supporting small businesses around the country as every Treatsie box and store sale benefits those vendors.

Culinary Tourism for Sweets

From amazing caramels to chocolate truffle bars to some of the best cookies you’ll ever eat, we’ve discovered some of finest chef-run shops around the country. Subscribe to Treatsie to take a sweet culinary trip right from the comfort of your couch!

Previous Boxes

But don’t just take our word that Treatsie is awesome, have a look at previous monthly boxes.

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