30 Treats at 30 Ballparks

30 Treats in 30 Ballparks - Federal Donuts - Citizens Bank Ballpark, Philadelphia Phillies | Treatsie.com

by Kevin Shalin
Ever wonder what sweet treat to get at every MLB park? Well, you’re in luck! Here’s a complete list:

1. Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Warm Apple Crisp
Apparently, folks in LA enjoy eating an apple crisp with vanilla bean ice cream while sitting out in the warm California sun. Who knew?

2. AT&T Park, San Francisco Giants: Ghirardelli Hot Fudge Sundae
Hey … when in Rome. Ghirardelli calls San Fran home, and I bet they make a mean hot fudge sundae at AT&T Park.

3. Busch Stadium, St. Louis Cardinals: Frozen Coke
St. Louis gets pretty darn hot in the summer. I can’t imagine anything would top a delicious frozen Coke.

30 Treats in 30 Ballparks - O’s Smith Island Cake - Camden Yard, Baltimore Orioles | Treatsie.com
O’s Smith Island Cake | baltimoresun.com

4. Camden Yard, Baltimore Orioles: O’s Smith Island Cake
What’s not to like about a 10-layered, orange-flavored cake? Except the price.

5. Chase Field, Arizona Diamondbacks: Mrs. Fields Cookie
Aww … isn’t that sweet? You can get a Mrs. Fields cookie at Chase Field. I can’t complain about that, although all the other sweet treat options seem a bit ho-hum.

6. Citi Field, New York Mets: Shake Shack Shake
Say this three times: “Shake Shack shake.” Afterwards, go order one and be thankful this wildly popular eatery resides in your baseball park.

30 Treats in 30 Ballparks - Federal Donuts - Citizens Bank Ballpark, Philadelphia Phillies | Treatsie.com
Federal Donuts | philly.com

7. Citizens Bank Ballpark, Philadelphia Phillies: Federal Donuts
It’s tough to beat this hand-held dessert while watching a game. A side note, this was the only ballpark donut I could find from all my research.

8. Comerica Park, Detroit Tigers: Elephant Ear
I’ve never actually eaten an elephant ear, but how bad can flattened, fried dough topped with sugar taste?

9. Coors Field, Colorado Rockies: Frozen Yogurt
This was my first true disappointment on this list. Come on, Coors Fields … just frozen yogurt!?! Not that I don’t love me some good frozen yogurt, but I was hoping my search would turn up a sexier dessert option.

10. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles Dodgers: Tiramisu
Take note, Coors Field … Dodger Stadium knows what’s up in the dessert department. And while gelato and a cannoli sound great, I’ll go with their tiramisu.

11. Fenway Park, Boston Red Sox: Sundae Helmet
Honestly, for such an iconic park, I was expecting a little more from Fenway. But an ice cream sundae in a mini-helmet is pretty tough to beat.

12. Globe Life Park, Texas Rangers: Funnel Cake
To not include the vaunted funnel cake in a list like this would be a sin. You can get some at Globe Life Park, and I can only imagine it’s Texas-sized.

30 Treats in 30 Ballparks - Mr. Red Cupcakes - Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati Reds | Treatsie.com
Mr. Red Cupcakes | cincinnati.com

13. Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati Reds: Mr. Red Cupcakes
Lovers of mustachioed cupcakes are in luck! Just head to Cincinnati, Ohio and enjoy a few while taking in a Reds’ game at beautiful Great American Ballpark.

14. Kaufmann Stadium, Kansas City Royals: Sheridan’s Royal Turtle Sundae
If at all possible, try to save just a little stomach space from your barbeque gorging and try out this sweet treat. The turtle sundae comes equipped with vanilla custard, hot fudge, caramel and roasted pecans. Don’t forget the cherry on top.

15. Marlins Park, Florida Marlins: Churros
If you’ve never partaken in some churros, just know they have all the makings of a perfect dessert: hand-held, fried, crispy, chewy and deliciously sweet.

16. Miller Park, Milwaukee Brewers: Frozen Concrete
Truthfully, I’ve never heard of a frozen concrete, but I love the name, and it’s really just frozen custard with chunky mix-ins. Regular flavors include: Nutella-banana, peanut butter-bacon and malted coffee.

17. Minute Maid Park, Houston Astros: Bluebell Ice Cream
Born and raised Texans have this ice cream flowing through their veins. I should know because I am one of them. Bluebell really is “the best ice cream in the country.” And you can find it at Minute Maid Park.

18. Nationals Park, Washington Nationals: Shake Shack Shake
Hey, look! We have ourselves another Shack Shack shake on the list. No complaints here … or from the fans in Washington.

19. O.co Coliseum, Oakland Athletics: Peach Cobbler
Finally, a ballpark actually has one of my all-time favorite desserts … peach cobbler! Just didn’t figure to see it in Oakland. Atlanta, maybe.

30 Treats in 30 Ballparks - Ice Cream Sandwich - Petco Park, San Diego Padres | Treatsie.com
Ice Cream Sandwich | utsandiego.com

20. Petco Park, San Diego Padres: Ice Cream Sandwich
As much as I love me some peach cobbler, a good ice cream sandwich definitely trumps it. And you can get one at The Baked Bear in Petco Park.

21. PNC Park, Pittsburgh Pirates: Cake Cart
If you’re fortunate enough to experience a game while lounging in one of PNC’s suites, you’ll come across the dessert cart, which has a new edition this year: a marble-layered, root beer-infused cake that has root beer custard and is topped with chocolate ganache and crispies.
22. Progressive Field, Cleveland Indians: Soft Serve Ice Cream
It’s simple and it’s satisfying. And thanks to Pierre’s Ice Cream, park-goers can find fresh soft serve all over the park.

23. Rogers Centre, Toronto Blue Jays: Waffle Cone with Ice Cream
I looked and looked and about the coolest (literally and figuratively) dessert I could find at Rogers Centre is a waffle cone filled with ice cream.

24. Safeco Field, Seattle Mariners: Hot Cakes’ Desserts
In what is easily the most awesome entry on this list, folks in the premium suites can find desserts from Treatsie’s own Hot Cakes.

30 Treats in 30 Ballparks - Izzy’s Ice Cream - Target Field,Minnesota Twins | Treatsie.com
Izzy’s Ice Cream | startribune.com

25. Target Field, Minnesota Twins: Izzy’s Ice Cream
Apparently, this Izzy’s Ice Cream, a local company, serves up some pretty good ice cream. There’s only one of their scoop stands in the park (section 114) but it’s stocked with eight flavors, including the popular salted caramel.

26. Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay Rays: Strawberry Short Cake
When have you ever had a bad strawberry short cake? The answer: never. It’s either good to outstanding and I’d bet Tropicana Field’s version falls somewhere in-between.

27. Turner Field, Atlanta Braves: Waffle House Waffle
Without a doubt, with Turner Field’s wide assortment of sweet treats, narrowing it down to one proved to be one of the most difficult tasks on this list. In the end, I opted for Waffle House’s waffles. Yes, there’s actually a Waffle House inside the park (the only non-24-hour location in existence)!

28. U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago White Sox: Cinnamon Bites
Health food fanatics will love the caloric nightmare that is soft cinnamon pretzel bites served with sweet vanilla ice cream.

29. Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs: Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream
My search of Wrigley Field came up a little disappointing. I was expecting to find some unique desserts at this iconic baseball park, but instead, could only find some good old Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

30 Treats in 30 Ballparks - Chicken & Waffles - Yankee Stadium, New York Yankees | Treatsie.com
Chicken and Waffles | amny.com

30. Yankee Stadium, New York Yankees: Chicken and Waffles
In my book, if you put enough syrup on something, it classifies as a dessert. At Yankee Stadium, the waffles actually come stamped with the team’s logo. Sweet!

Kevin Shalin, who has spent time living in Houston, Boston and Little Rock, is a writer of all things food related. His work has appeared on the Houston Press food blog Eating Our Words, as well as Eat Arkansas, Bourbon and Boots and his personal blog … The Mighty Rib.