8 ways to make your food pictures more delicious

Before you snap a picture of your next culinary creation or amazing meal, read our tips below to make the picture really do justice to your fabulous food!

L I G H T S !

  • Natural light makes everything look better, so move your dish to a spot with a nice glow. In restaurants, try to sit near a window.
  • Using the flash makes even the most gorgeous food look oily. If you’re in a dark room, get a friend to shine light from the flashlight on their phone onto your dish!
  • Make sure the light comes from above or the side, but not from behind the dish.


C A M E R A !

  • If you’re on your phone, take the shot with your phone’s camera – not with the Instagram camera. You’ll be able to take more pictures faster and then choose the best instead of being stuck with your first shot.
  • It’s also rumored that most phone cameras take higher-quality images than the Instagram camera does. (All the more reason not to use it!)


A C T I O N !

  • Pretend you’re a chef and try to make your dish as gorgeous as possible! Use garnishes, or take baked goods off the pan and put them on a pretty plate.
  • Take a minute to compose your shot, adding props or other elements to the image. Think about color and texture.
  • And it can’t hurt to eat beautiful food!

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