An Ode to that Chocolatey, Caramely Goodness

There’s one combination that we just can’t seem to get enough of over here at Treatsie, and that’s chocolate and caramel. Whether it’s milk or dark, a thin salted caramel sauce or thick, chewy caramel, I need it in my face.

And apparently, we’re not the only ones who love this combo. It even has a day dedicated to it. March 19th is Chocolate Caramel Day. So we thought we would break down everyone’s favorite candy for this fun flavor combo.

“If we’re talking guilty pleasure, I’m going to have to go with my old standby, Snickers” – Keith, CEO

Add to Your June Box: Sticky Toffee Pudding Co. Millionaire Shortbread 5-PackSticky Toffee Pudding Co. Millionaire Shortbread Bar. It’s like a grown-up Twix bar.” – Bekah, Brand Manager

Dallas Caramel Company Armadillos |“Dallas Caramel Co. Armadillos” – Caleb, Procurement


“I’m a sucker for anything chocolate and caramel, but my guilty pleasure will always be a Twix. I think I read it’s the worst candy bar to eat, but I don’t care. I was super excited to see the Clairesquare in the March box, it was like a Twix in a bar form.” – Kelli, Digital Content Manager

Lambrecht Gourmet Milk Chocolate Buckleys |

“Buckleys! It’s the perfect proportion of chocolate to caramel to pecans, and the caramel doesn’t stick to your teeth, it just melts in your mouth.” – Tim, Marketing

Mayana Chocolate Kitchen Sink Bar |“I love the Kitchen Sink Bar by Mayana, it’s very rich.” – Jimmy, Customer Service


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