April Foods! Food that looks like other food.

I can’t help it. I am a sucker for food that looks like other food. Whether it’s a savory food dressed up to look like a sweet or a sweet dressed up to look like something savory, it makes me chuckle. And, as a former cake decorator, I admire the ingenuity of some of these items. The details that go into everything to create a deceptive food are where it’s really sold.

For instance, (this is actually a cake I made back when I had my bakery) this hamburger cake.

Hamburger Cake

The tiny sesame seeds on top paired with the careful air brushing to mimic a toasted bun make this cake all the more fun.

This one has made the rounds far more times than I can count but it’s still a favorite by Sweetapolita. The idea of hiding something as sweet and desirable as a cake behind these perfectly sculpted asparagus stalks makes me smile.


Or what about this Taco Bell inspired confection? Every thing is edible and everything is sweet. In case you wanted to freak someone out with sugary cheese.


Are you familiar with Scotch eggs? This is something relatively new to me. It’s a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage, rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried. So during Easter, Anges de Sucre came up with this very clever dessert version of “a white chocolate egg shell filled with vanilla bean marshmallow and a gooey sea salted caramel ganache ‘yolk’ cocooned in fudgey brownie crumble and a Speculoos cookie crumb crust. The UnScotch Egg is, quite simply, genius and downright delicious.”

And it’s downright cruel. (But I love it.)


And since I can’t shake the burgers, I had to include these adorable French macaron burgers. These were actually made locally and sold by Loblolly Creamery.

French macaron burgers

But of course, you can’t overlook the savory that looks like sweets. Any round up worth its salt today will have this insane fried chicken cake. Read more about it here.

potato cake

Because who doesn’t like cornbread with macaroni and cheese covered in mashed potatoes and covered in chicken?

What has been your favorite deceptive sweet you’ve seen made?


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