CocoaPlanet Founder Anne McKibben

Born in Paris to a French mother and an American father, Anne McKibben learned from an early age to experience eating beautifully crafted European chocolates. Inspired by that early life experience, she invented a new concept for chocolate based on refined taste and balance – pearls of exquisite flavor delicately suspended in ethically sourced chocolate.

Further inspired by her recent life in Sonoma, California and an appreciation for great foods and great wine, Anne was influenced by the contemporary flavors of the region. With all natural and many local Sonoma organic ingredients, and a commitment to produce in California, CocoaPlanet strives to make excellent chocolate available to everyone in an elegant single serving package.

With a dedicated team of chocolate evangelists, CocoaPlanet brings you some of the best flavors of this Planet to experience in moderation and in good health!

Based in Sonoma, California, CocoaPlanet was founded on the following principles:

  • Chocolate should have more taste, less sugar
  • Portions should be small but intensely satisfying – a single serving should be less than 100 calories and 9g net carbs or less.
  • Flavors should be interesting but not overwhelming, complementing the chocolate and tantalizing your palate
  • Fillings should stay in the chocolate, not on your clothes!

The technology used to create this revolutionary new confection was invented by Anne and her husband. This patent-pending invention suspends spheres of flavor within a chocolate disc. The result has only 15% filling versus the 60-80% of sugar-based filling found in most flavor-filled chocolates. The perfect balance of flavors means more chocolate, less sugar – a better chocolate experience! Evolving the concept of flavor-filled chocolate, this revolutionary treat is made with 100% natural and non-GMO ingredients, Kosher OU-D certified and gluten free.