Easy fruit-flavored sugar


From time to time you might find yourself lacking that perfect garnish to finish off your dessert or drink. Our fruit-flavored sugars are super simple and quick to make, plus they keep for months and are versatile. Initially, I created this because I just couldn’t find the perfect garnish for a strawberry cupcake that could sit out and stay fresh without wilting like a fresh berry but also had a true berry flavor unlike many strawberry candies.


Freeze dried fruit has a crunchy texture from the process of how the water was removed, be sure not to get dehydrated fruit, as it will not work the same. Freeze dried fruit can be found at your local grocery store, typically in the organic food section. Flavors vary by brand but I’ve found strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, mixed fruit, peach and apple before.

Simply pour a bag of freeze-dried fruit of your choice into a food processor.


Pulse until all the large clumps are gone. Add 1 cup of sugar. Pulse until combined. If you have colored sanding sugar available, add 1/2 cup. This will add color and interest to your mix.


Store in an airtight container. Shake well before using, as the fruit will cause it to clump slightly. Fruit sugar mix can be used to top cupcakes, rim the glass of a cocktail, sprinkle over fruit tarts, or add interest and flavor to unsweetened cereal or yogurt.




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