Eclipse Chocolate

Eclipse Chocolate

Since its inception in 2004, Eclipse Chocolate, founded by William Gustwiller, has remained true to its mission “to craft premium artisan foods and confections with a unique culinary perspective while maintaining sustainable and ethical operations that support our local community.”

This once one-man operation has grown steadily over the past decade, moving to its newest location in 2012 in San Diego’s South Park neighborhood. The chocolate company now features over 100 different items throughout the year, as well as a variety of pastries.

Every Eclipse product is made and packaged by hand, including component ingredients like the peanut butter toffee and the creme fraiche caramel – both ingredients in the Eclipse line of unique chocolate bars. Producing chocolate in this way is by choice, not by by chance. Eclipse Chocolate takes pride in the personalization of each product and in being an artisanal manufacturer, even though it may sometimes mean running out of inventory.

Another priority for Eclipse Chocolate is their commitment to sustainability. They partner with Guittard Chocolate of San Francisco to source all of their chocolate. They do this for a variety of factors, not the least of which is Guittard’s 150-year history as a family-owned chocolate producer.

The level of commitment extends into their community as well. In addition to providing nearly 40 jobs in San Francisco, Eclipse gives 10 percent of its net profits to local charities.