February Box – Love is all you need



In the month dedicated to love, we packed our Treatsie box full of lovely deliciousness. Crisp toffee, yummy cookies and two candy bars. You’d be hard pressed to find something in here you didn’t love.

Salem Baking Co.

Chocolate Moravian Cookies

salem-baking-chocolate (1)

Rich semisweet chocolate is melted down, poured into the cookie batter and then combined with premium cocoa powder for a well-rounded flavor that’s intensely chocolatey with just the right amount of sweet.

Why we love them:

A deep chocolate flavor with a crispness that rivals that store bought cookie sandwich. Great by themselves or dunked in milk or frosting.



Seattle Chocolates

Pink Bubbly Truffle Barseattle-v-day-bars

This dark chocolate bar is crafted using freeze-dried raspberries in white chocolate with all-natural popping candy pieces that tickle the palate like champagne bubbles.

Why we love it:

The freeze-dried raspberries add the perfectly tart real berry flavor without having any fake sweetness that some candies can have. Plus the gentle popping is a fun way to enjoy a candy bar.

Seattle Chocolates

Just For You Truffle Bar

Crafted just for you, this bar includes creamy caramel pieces and a hint of sea salt in milk chocolate.

Why we love it:

Smooth milk chocolate? Check, Caramel pieces? Check. Spiked with sea salt? Check. Could this bar be any better? Nope. I need like three more, stat.

Shotwell Candy Co.

Classic Tennessee Toffee


This crunchy toffee is made with a splash of barrel-aged bourbon and a handful of fresh roasted pecans, then finished off with a covering of dark chocolate and a hint of sea salt.

Why we love it:

This toffee is perfectly crisp without sticking to your teeth. The sugar is cooked to perfection with a deep flavor that’s set off by the salty finish.


5 thoughts on “February Box – Love is all you need

  1. Alexandra says:

    Just got my Treatsie box!!! Couldn’t have come on a better day! I was having on “Monday of a Friday” – nothing seemed to be going right. THEN! This box arrives at work! (So glad I decided to have it mailed to me at work!) My day got immensely better from there! I haven’t yet tasted the toffee, but the Moravian cookies are amazing! Granted like Jean said, a few came broken, but that’s not a big deal because it wasn’t all of them. But, I am going to order more of those!

  2. Jean W says:

    We just opened our first box of treaties! OMG!!! What a great selection!!! The toffees were by far the best in the box. Being from Seattle, we were already familiar with the chocolate bars, so we moved on to the cookies!!! My husband’s first comment was, “this will go great with ice cream!” Um… Or all by itself?!?! The only disappointment was the cookies had all broken up when we opened the packaging. They all kind of crumbled out, which made my husband’s comment an even better suggestion, cos they were more like crumbled topping. Thank you for the treats! Keep it coming!

    • treatsie says:

      Sorry that the cookies were broken! But I love your idea of an ice cream topping. That sounds delicious! We’re working on different ideas of things that you can use our sweets for, I think an ice cream based dessert with crumbled cookies would be a hit. Did you see the post we shared about using them as a pie crust with a Nutella filling? YUM.

  3. Leslie Magner says:

    Kinda disappointed to find another bag of toffee in the February box, since I got 1 last month. I’m not sure if I’ll stay for another month.

    • treatsie says:

      Hey Leslie, sorry you didn’t like the toffee repeat. Personally, I love toffee, so I thought it was great! But I get that not everyone is a fan. What would you like to see in the box instead? We’re always looking for new ideas. 🙂

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