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I recently came across a post entitled “5 Obvious Things Chefs Do That You Don’t Know About,” so I read it and realized I knew all of them. And was like, “Pffft, that’s obvious stuff!” (hence the title). But maybe it’s only obvious because I lived that life for so many years. While we were working on all of the posts for this month, I found myself doing something that I just did because it was obvious for me and realized that maybe it’s not obvious for someone who hasn’t lived in a commercial kitchen. So I thought I would start posting these things here for you guys.


Surely you have a cupcake scoop. Or an ice cream scoop that you use for cupcakes. So this tip isn’t so much original as it is taking something you probably already do and moving it across the board to other things as well.

I have more than just one scoop. I actually have five different sizes and each one serves a different purpose. I bought mine at a local food supply store. Some of these stores require you to have a business, but there are many that are open to the public. I recommend finding one of these in your area. Many of the items sold there are a higher quality and more durable than the items sold at retail stores, but they’re usually cheaper or at least comparably priced.

The scoops come in different sizes. I have a 4 oz., 3 oz., 2.5 oz., 1.5 oz. and a 1 oz. The 4 oz. is equivalent to a 1/2 cup. While the 2.5 oz. usually makes the perfect cupcake, the 1.5 oz. is great for a mini cupcake. Using a scoop ensures that all your cupcakes will be filled evenly, and as a result, they will bake evenly. Plus, they’re just prettier!

I like to use the largest 4 oz. scoop for wet ingredients like sour cream or peanut butter. You can get an exact measurement and then just click the contents right out into your mix. No scraping it out and getting frustrated. It’s one of my favorite hacks.


The 1.5 oz. scoop is great for cookies. I like to make big batches of cookie dough, scoop it out and let it freeze on a baking sheet, then pop the cookies into a freezer bag. Anytime you want fresh cookies, just pull out how many you’d like to bake. Again, these are always going to be evenly shaped cookies. And what’s better than fresh baked cookies? Nothing, I tell you, nothing.

The 3 oz. scoop doesn’t exactly equate to a perfect volume, but for me, they work as a great amount of brownie batter in my individual brownies.

I highly recommend having at least 3 of these – the 4 oz., 2.5 oz. and 1.5 oz. These will keep you perfectly level in your baking!


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