Haypenny’s S’mores Score Big

Haypenny Smores

By Kevin Shalin

Have you ever met a kid (or an adult, for that matter) who doesn’t love s’mores? Heck, it’s chocolate, it’s graham crackers, it’s marshmallows—it’s sticky, messy and delicious fun! Needless to say, my post-dinner suggestion the other night of Haypenny Confections Vanilla S’mores was met with a favorable response from my fellow family members.

What makes Haypenny’s version so much better than your typical s’mores experience? For starters, everything is included in one, well-organized bag (4-marshmallows, 8 graham cracker cookies and 4-individually wrapped pieces of chocolate). It’s all right there at your impending sticky fingertips.

You’ll be very tempted to nibble on each component right from the get-go. And while this isn’t necessarily a bad idea, I’d recommend delaying gratification for a few more minutes. That’s easier said than done. Each item–from the smooth milk chocolate, to the thin, crisp, yet slightly chewy cookie, to the delicate vanilla marshmallows—is absolutely divine on its own. But put them all together, add a little heat and you’ve got yourself something special.

There are a few simple directions on the back of the package, but, come on … these are s’mores! Do what you typically do when you make them, and just have some fun.

Since it was pretty cold and icy outside, my family of four opted to keep the party indoors. We used the microwave to soften the chocolate and a little flame from our gas stove to char the sides of the marshmallows. We then smashed all the ingredients together and dove in. All was right in the world.

Haypenny’s s’mores are ideal for any setting, whether it’s in your own kitchen, on the back deck with a chiminea or over a campfire.  The compact, all-inclusive package, along with the delicious combination of ingredients, make these s’mores a favorite with kids and adults alike.

When’s the last time you partook in some s’mores? Let us know about it in the comment box below.

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