Is it a brownie or a blondie? Are you making this common baking mistake?

Some of you may know this already, I have a baking background, I used to own my own bakery. And while I tend to think I have a general knowledge of baking, I didn’t think myself more experienced than many other bakers who got their start at home. But last week while drooling over my Pinterest feed I came across the¬†headline “Make this delicious strawberry brownie!” (which sounded delicious), but I noticed the accompanying photo was of a bar that was pink and studded with white chocolate chips.

That’s not a brownie.

brownies and blodnies
Top row: ganache covered, lemon, almond & ricotta, fudgey. Bottom row: toffee almond, cheesecake brownie, key lime cheesecake blondie.

browniesBrownies are one of my favorite treats. I have several base recipes that I tend to work from and then just pile on the goodies to create something new. They rely on a base of chocolate, rich and dark or light and milky. I have one recipe that creates a fluffy cake-like brownie, while another results in a dense, dark dessert reminiscent of baked fudge.

This dessert is perfect in its most unadulterated form but can just as easily be enjoyed stuffed with candies, swirled with cheesecake or peanut butter, or topped with any variety of nuts.

I’ve always liked mine baked in individual pans so that they all have a chewy, crispy edge, as well as a gooey center.



Blondies, on the other hand, are typically based with brown sugar and vanilla. These bars are sweet, but not as sinful as their brownie brothers. They may also include chunks for interest – coconut, toffee, nuts or chips. Personally, I like to take my blondie base and use the mellow flavors to let the other flavors I use take the spotlight. I love to fold in whatever fruit happens to be in season to make a fruity blondie. If fruit is sparse, nuts or any flavored baking chips will work as well.

So there you have it. Your little bit of baking knowledge for the day. And I promise, one day I will share both my baked fudge deliciously spoonable brownie recipe as well as the airy lemon, almond & ricotta blondie recipe.


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