June Box: Bring On the Sunshine

The summer months are fun here at Treatsie as we tend to focus on baked goods and explore fruity options. And the June box had a great assortment. Whether you love cookies, brownies, toffee or caramels, or chocolate or nuts or lemon, it was all there. 
Love, Cookie Lemon Cooler Cookies | Treatsie.comLemon Cooler Cookies

Love, Cookie

Description: Lovely, buttery lemon cookies delicately rolled in powdered sugar. Light and sweet!

Why we love them:

While I love chocolate year round, I’m drawn to the luscious fruit flavors during the warmer months. These lemon cookies do not disappoint. They’re called “Lemon Coolers” for a reason. They’re perfectly crisp but still manage to have a creaminess to them. I think they’d be great right out of the freezer, but alas, I ate all mine before I could test that theory.

Salt of the Earth Brownie | Treatsie.comOriginal Brownie
Salt of the Earth Bakery

Description: A simply amazing trio of chocolate and more chocolate with a dash of Halen Môn sea salt. For the brownie purist.

Why we love it:

If you gave me this dessert without using the term “brownie” and asked what I was eating, I would tell you it’s a cross between a cake and some kind of baked fudge. Rich and chocolatey, if you find your sweet tooth aching for chocolate, this brownie hits the spot and then some. If you’re the type to pair a big glass of milk with your baked goods, make sure to have that ready. You’re going to need it.

McCrea's Candies Black Lava Sea Salt Caramels | Treatsie.comBlack Lava Sea Salt Caramels
McCrea’s Candies

Description: Rich, creamy caramels with crystals of Hawaiian black sea salt. A moment in paradise.

Why we love them:

If you’ve ever tried your hand at making caramels, you know how hard it is to get it juuuuuust right. The longer the caramel cooks, the darker it is and the deeper the flavor becomes. But you also run the risk of creating some teeth-shattering caramel that’s simply not fun to chew. McCrea’s has managed to make a dark, flavorful caramel that has a nice bite without being too sticky. If the heat of transport has them a touch sticky, pop them in the fridge to get them out of the wrapper cleanly (you don’t want to waste any of this caramely goodness).

Sweet on Vermont Maple Almond Brittle | Treatsie.comMaple Almond Brittle
Sweet on Vermont

Description: This snapping-crisp brittle is handmade with crushed almonds, pure Vermont maple syrup and creamy Vermont butter.

Why we love it:

At first smell, you get hints of butter and maple. But at first bite, you can taste the richness of a slightly burnt sugar, and it’s amazing. The crunch of almond puts this brittle over the top. The sample is small, but it’s so rich that I stopped after one square. Ration out this lovely treat and it should last you a few days.

All these items are available in the shop if you are craving more or if you were unfortunate enough to not get your hands on a June box.

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