March Box – Hello Spring

This month was an interesting one for us here at Treatsie. As we continue to grow, we are beginning to have more subscribers than our vendors can produce monthly. So we’ve had to get creative with our monthly boxes and we had several versions. Since one of the most fun aspects of Treatsie is discovering new sweets, we tried very hard to not send repeat items, but not everything is a perfect process. If you got something that you’ve seen before, we did as much as we possibly could to avoid it. But, on the flip side, if you see something that maybe you wish you could have received, it’s possible that it will show up in a future box or will be available for purchase in the shop.

Going forward there will be potential for multiple boxes each month. I know what you’re thinking, “Can I pick my box?” Not yet. It’s something we are considering, but logistically we still have some hurdles to overcome. So in the mean time, enjoy the surprise!march-pink

J&M Foods
Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

J&M Foods Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies | Treatsie.comA wonderful variation of an old favorite using rich chocolates and fresh pecans for an added crunch and nutty flavor.

Why we love it:
First, this is actually a local company here for us, so that’s exciting. While I’ve always been a chewy chocolate chip cookie person, there’s something about the smaller, one-bite crisp cookies that get me eating the whole box. These are fresh and addictive. The addition of the pecan makes for a well-rounded cookie.

Bees & Beans
Honey Bar Jr.

Bees and Beans Honey Bar Jr. |

Honey caramel is mixed with hazelnut nougat and hand-dipped in premium chocolate with Oregon sea salt.

Why we love it:
Most caramels are made with straight sugar, corn syrup or agave nectar, but a honey based caramel has a different flavor profile all together; almost floral in nature. And when paired with a softer than average hazelnut nougat? Delicious.

Chocolate Caramel Shortbread Square


A buttery shortbread base is combined with a smooth caramel center and a Belgian chocolate topping.

Why we love it:
The thick shortbread is a lovely, buttery base to hold up to the caramel and chocolate. The caramel isn’t the typical variety either. Instead of something with a dense bite, it has a smooth, almost peanut butter like texture with a lovely flavor. And the chocolate has a nice snap without being too thick to bite through.

B.T. McElrath Chocolatier
Chocolate Bites

bt-bites-1Savory butter caramel enrobed in chocolate. Enjoy both milk and dark chocolate flavors!

Why we love it:
Ever heard “good things come in small packages”? That’s exactly what we’re dealing with here. The caramel is rich and buttery, while the chocolate has a nice crunch then melts in your mouth. And since there were milk and dark bites, you could pick your favorite and share the other. (Or eat them both, because who are we kidding?)

The Pink Boxmarch-pink

Quin Candy
Dreams Come Chew

Quin Candy Dreams Come Chew | Treatsie.comFruity, chewy candies like you’ve never had them before. Flavors include cherry, strawberry, tangerine, lemon, fruit punch and pineapple + coconut.

Why we love them:

Fruity and delicious, these were like bigger, real fruit Starbursts but with more fun flavors.

The Blue Box

march-blueNunu Chocolates
Chocolate-Covered Grahams

Nunu Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers | Treatsie.comA crunchy treat. Graham crackers dipped in 53% chocolate with a little fleur de sel to top it off.

Why we love them:

These crisp little grahams pack a flavorful punch. The chocolate had a nice sweetness that complimented the graham perfectly while the sea salt on top was a nice addition, it was a touch overpowering in a few bites.

The Green Box

Raley’s Confectionary
Treatsie Variety Mix Hard Candy

raleys-variety-bagMade exclusively for Treatsie. These little hard candies pack big flavor!

Why we love them:

These are by far some of the cutest candies I have ever seen. And if you’ve ever watched how they are made, you would appreciated them even more. The fun colors and designs are even better when you pop them in your mouth and realize they’e also delicious. If hard candies aren’t your thing, use them to make this drink.

The Orange Box


Shotwell Candy Co.
Classic Tennessee Toffee

Shotwell Candy Co. Classic Tennessee Toffee | Treatsie.comThis crunchy toffee is made with a splash of barrel-aged bourbon and a handful of fresh roasted pecans, then finished off with a covering of dark chocolate and a hint of sea salt.

Why We Love It:

This toffee is perfectly crisp without sticking to your teeth. The sugar is cooked to perfection with a deep flavor that’s set off by the salty finish. It was a big winner for the February box, so we thought new subscribers who just joined would love it too.

The Purple Box 


Lambrecht Gourmet
Milk Chocolate Buckley

Lambrecht Gourmet Milk Chocolate Buckleys | Treatsie.comCrunchy pecans are topped with smooth caramel and decadent milk chocolate.

Why we love it:

There’s something magical about the combination of pecans, caramel and chocolate. It’s a favorite around these parts. And the Buckley is a perfectly balanced treat. The full sized toasted pecan give it a delicious crunch while the caramel is chewy without being sticky.




The Yellow Boxmarch-yellow (1)

Here’s where things got a little different, instead of the B.T. Bites listed above, a few people got Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee and Zingerman’s Candy Chocolate-Covered Peanut Brittle. (Both were included in the January box and very well received).

Dave’s Sweet Tooth
Milk Chocolate Toffee

Dave's Sweet Tooth Milk Chocolate Toffee |

Handmade buttery toffee with almonds and milk chocolate.

Why we love it: 

Crisp without being sticky, this toffee had a super yummy flavor and was topped with a dusting of almond bits. I’m a fan of toffee with pecans, but Dave’s has almonds, which I might love even more.






Zingerman’s Candy
Chocolate-Covered Peanut Brittle

Zingerman's Candy Chocolate Covered Peanut Brittle |

This peanut brittle is hand pulled for maximum brittleness and crispiness, and then it’s coated in a blend of luscious dark chocolate.

Why we love it:

Crunchiness? Check. Peanuts? Check. Covered in delicious chocolate? Check. Check. Check.





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