Nectar Pops!

Treatsie Blueberry & Acai Nectar Pops |

We here at Treatsie are always on the hunt for the next new sweet – the best chocolates, the most inventive baked goods and the chewiest, most flavorful caramels. And we have loved all the vendors we’ve been able to work with these past three years, but we realized that we’ve learned a lot about candy during our time. And we started coming up with ideas – “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could find someone who made [this]?” And it started to become clear, we were those people. We could make these amazing sweets come to life.

So we are.

We are proud to announce the newest member of the Treatsie family – Nectar Pops!

We have started with two unique flavors: Blueberry & Acai

Treatsie Blueberry & Acai Nectar Pops |

And Raspberry Lime

Treatsie Raspberry Lime Nectar Pops |

Our pops are made with all natural ingredients, real fruit pieces, they are non-GMO and are hand-poured. Each one is unique. We think they are as pretty as they are delicious.

And because we love you guys, you’re getting both of them in your July boxes!

But here’s the thing, we’re going to need to know what you think. This will be key for our success as we continue to create candies for you guys. Each month after you get the box, we send out surveys and ask for feedback. You have the opportunity to help shape the future of our boxes and where we take our candy company. Have ideas now? Shout them out in the comments. We would love to hear what you guys want to see.

If you’re interested in buying pops, they’re for sale in the shop! Buy Raspberry Lime or Blueberry & Acai.


3 thoughts on “Nectar Pops!

  1. Ronnie says:

    I just tried rasp lime and liked it so much I just had the blueberry as well! Lemon pomegranate does sound yummy!

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