Old Meets New with Bling Blings!

Hot Cakes Bling Blings | Treatsie.com

by Kevin Shalin

Back in the day, a school lunch box wasn’t considered stellar without a Twinkie, Hostess Cupcake or Ding Dong resting alongside your plastic thermos. But for many of us, the older we grew, the less and less appealing those once tasty treats of the past became to our now more refined palettes.

Then something like Hot Cakes’ Bling Blings! comes along, allowing eaters to reminisce the past, but appreciate the present. Hot Cakes has taken the concept of the Ding Dong and flat out upgraded all of the ingredients, delivering customers a dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate butter cream, then hand-dipped in organic 55% dark chocolate.

Simply put … the Bling Blings! is a Rolls Royce version of a Ding Dong. Gone is the waxy-like, outer chocolate shell exterior, and in its place is that decadent organic dark chocolate mentioned above. The cake is moist and the butter cream filling is rich. Hot Cakes individually wraps the cake in gold foil, a move that certainly adds a touch of glamour to the experience.

And while a binge-eating session of Bling Blings! in the confines of your home might sound like a fabulous idea, I believe this dessert is best shared amongst friends. Just imagine showing up at a dinner party with a pile of these treats.

Remember, a few bites go a long way, so unwrap each Bling Blings! and cut into two equal portions. This move will allow for party-goers to get a real view of the entire dessert.

Beyond the taste, what makes certain foods so great is their ability to get people talking. Just like those special treats in your elementary school lunchbox, Bling Blings! will be a guaranteed conversation starter — no superhero thermos required.

Did I miss any of your favorites? If so, please leave us some suggestions in the comment box below.

Kevin Shalin, who has spent time living in Houston, Boston and Little Rock, is a writer of all things food related. His work has appeared on the Houston Press food blog Eating Our Words, as well as Eat Arkansas, Bourbon and Boots and his personal blog … The Mighty Rib.