Ouachita Rickey

Deep into the Dog Days of Summer, the heat can be unbearable. A frozen daiquiri like the Sloe Your Roll sounds good and so does a gin & tonic, but maybe you want something a little less complicated. When the mercury rises outside, the fewer steps to making a drink, the quicker that you can get to refreshment.

The Rickey is the unofficial drink of Washington, D.C. that comes out when that swamp­-built city is embraced by the summer heat and fetid humidity. It is an extraordinarily simple drink consisting of liquor, lime juice and club soda or seltzer water. Purportedly created by a late 19th century lobbyist, the Gin Rickey is immortalized in The Great Gatsby and feted every July in Washington, D.C. The trick, if there is one, to the Rickey is to use a strong and strongly flavored base liquor when making it so that you have a good flavor once bubbling away with seltzer water.

The effervescence of club soda in a cocktail on a hot day can go a long way to leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Mountain Valley Spring Water, from Treatsie’s backyard here in Arkansas, has a line of lightly flavored sparkling spring water. Using this sparkling water instead of regular club soda or seltzer water can add another dimension to your drink and help you cool off in the long summer days. If you stocked up on limes last month for the Sloe Your Roll, you are in luck because we will use them again this month!

Making a Rickey with tequila, lime juice and Mountain Valley Blackberry­ Pomegranate Sparkling Water will help you cool off with minimal effort spent mixing this together. If you’ve ever enjoyed a pomegranate margarita, you should know that the tart and tangy flavors play well with tequila. The lime juice makes this a natural fit to use as well. While mescal would be an interesting drink, for sure save that smokey flavor for a fall Rickey when it’s no longer quite as hot outside. The subtle sweetness in the water picks up the tequila’s complexity, opening your eyes to the floral and herbal components of the liquor that can be overwhelmed in a margarita. If you freeze blackberries into your ice cubes, the drink will slowly shift to pink as the ice melts and blackberries add further flavor as you finish the drink.


Ouachita Rickey

●  2 oz. tequila
●  Juice of half a medium lime
●  Mountain Valley Blackberry­ Pomegranate Sparkling Water
●  Blackberry ice cubes
●  Garnish with two blackberries



In a tall glass, add the tequila and squeeze the juice of half a lime in. You can leave the shell of the lime in the drink if you wish.


Add the ice cubes and top with your sparkling water.


Stir briefly to combine.


Garnish with two blackberries.


How do you cut the heat in the long, hot days of summer? Do you enjoy a Rickey? A gin and tonic? A mint julep? Sound off in the comments.


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