Popbar Turns Your Coffee Into a Vanilla Mocha

By Kevin Shalin

Coffee is my thing, I adore it, drink it three times a day and consider my Keurig to be my most cherished household item. Quick … what has been the greatest invention in the past 20 years? Answer: the Keurig.

Recently, I decided to throw a curve into my Saturday morning coffee routine after discovering a Vanilla White Chocolate Popbar hiding in my pantry. Lovers of Treatsie know all about Popbar, the chocolate-on-a-stick that’s typically reserved for decadent cups of hot chocolate. But on this morning, my Popbar had a date with a cup of java.

After a good 1-minute stir, my standard coffee turned into a delightful vanilla mocha. Before I get into the taste, I should address exactly what makes a drink … a mocha. Essentially, it’s coffee with milk and sweetened chocolate. And although I didn’t add poured milk into this version, the Popbar itself does contain milk powder.

Well, how did it taste?

The result yielded a nice alternative to an old stand-by. Hints of vanilla definitely stood out, but not to the point where it overwhelmed the base coffee flavor. The overall flavor of the cup was rich, creamy and subtly sweet. The chocolate had no problem melting in my prepared coffee, but if it did, an extra 15 seconds in the microwave would have rectified that issue. As a bonus, because the Popbar is so sizeable, I was able to make another cup for my wife, using the remaining chocolate left the stick. Essentially, a little goes a long way.

Will this Popbar version of a vanilla mocha replace my usual cup of coffee (which includes a little cream and sugar substitute added)? No. But on an occasional weekend morning, when flying out the door isn’t so critical, this is a perfect way to start the day.