Score big with these sweet Super Bowl snacks

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest snack-food days of the year. Every year, party-goers down tons (and I mean literal tons) of avocados, chicken wings, potato chips and other finger foods while enjoying the final football game of the season. But despite the copious amount of tasty treats devoured every year, the vast majority of spreads will be focused on savory items. And it’s easy to see why, considering that beer is the beverage of choice at most parties.

But maybe it’s time to sweeten up your Super Bowl party a bit. We scoured the Internet for some ideas for your Sunday get-together. The most important criteria: the desserts have to be finger food and relatively easy to make. No guest wants to have to shuffle their plate around for a fork-and-knife treat, and let’s face it, you don’t want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen toiling over these things. So with that in mind, here are five delicious confections that will take care of your guests’ dessert cravings.

Peanut Butter Football Dip by Crazy for Crustpeanut-butter-football-Crazy-for-crust


Who said dip could only be cheese or salsa or guacamole? This dip has the presentation that will wow your party the moment you set it down on the table. But it also brings the flavor, with cream cheese, peanut butter and chocolate making for a deeply satisfying treat. Bonus points: use pretzels as your dipping tool to bring an extra salty element that will tie your savory menu to your dessert plates.

Goal Post Football Cupcakes  by the Melrose Family


I have to warn you, this recipe is probably the most involved listed here. But how can you resist a cupcake that looks so much like a football field? The centerpiece of these bite-sized goodies is the yellow goal posts that are made out of candy melts. The good news here is that the goal posts can be made in advance. All it takes from that point is some attention to detail on the frosting work, and you’ve got a striking cupcake that will impress your football friends.

Football Cake Pops by Love + Butter

Football cake pops Love + butter

If there’s any dessert that fits the Super Bowl party theme perfectly, it has to be these cake pops molded in the shape of tiny footballs. Easy to eat and not too difficult to make, these have all the makings of one addictive treat. Even better, these pops have the cake and frosting mixed together, which is certain to make dessert lovers happy they came to your party.

Cookie Dough Footballs by Life, Love and Sugar


I have to admit, of all the recipes here, this is the one that speaks to me the most. How could it not be? Chocolate chip cookie dough is one of life’s guilty pleasures, and topping these footballs with a chocolate candy shell is right up my alley. Move quickly when you’re dipping the footballs, and the whole process should go smoothly.

Chocolate Cheesecake Football Shooters by The First Year


Cheesecake is one of those desserts that is hugely popular, but doesn’t do very well as a finger food. Enter these shooters, which reimagine the cheesecake in a pick-up and-go format that will let your guests grab them and get back to the game. Top them off with peanut butter-stuffed footballs to keep with the Super Bowl theme and give your friends another reason to remember your party.

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