Small Businesses and Treatsie

Small Businesses and Treatsie

This is my favorite time of year – the leaves have changed colors and the crisp fall air has a certain freshness to it that just feels right. It’s also a time when my family gathers together around a delicious meal and shares what is going on in each of our lives.

Growing up in a family full of small, independent business owners, these conversations usually circle back to how the business year has been so far and what’s in store for the coming year.

Small business ownership is often romanticized throughout the American landscape; the idea of being responsible for your own financial future is as American as Thanksgiving itself. But owning a small business is not a role that the owners take lightly – their ability to provide for their families and pay their mortgage is on the line. So, when the small business owners that Treatsie works with trust us with their products, it tells me we are doing something right.

The vendors that we carefully select to work with are all small businesses, some with a staff consisting of only two people. They labor long hours to make great products that you will all hopefully enjoy. The sweets they create often have an interesting back-story, one that we endeavor to help tell through our vendor profiles and spotlights. In a small business, especially a small food manufacturing business, the product is often a result of a very personal story – sometimes a family recipe that the confectioner helped make as a child, and sometimes the product is a result of a search for a more meaningful way to contribute to society.

At Treatsie we’d like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to both our vendors who allow us to sell their products and to our customers who trust us to find the best confectioners and confections and share those experiences with them.

Happy Holidays!

Keith Hoelzeman

CEO, Treatsie, LLC