‘Tis the Season to Sip Some Askinosie Chocolate

Askinosie Sipping Chocolate

By Kevin Shalin

Askinosie Sipping Chocolate isn’t your typical hot chocolate experience. There’s no powder here—just real dark chocolate morsels, comprised of Honduran cocoa beans, which then go through an entire bean-to-bar experience right there in Askinosie’s Springfield, Missouri factory.

I recommend popping a few morsels straight in your mouth. That’s exactly what I did the other night. Experiencing the chocolate in this solid form will allow the true essence of its bold, bright and slightly bitter flavors to shine through.  Roll the chocolate around on your tongue and take note of its smoothness.

Now you’re ready for some hot chocolate!

Just warm a cup of milk in the microwave for about one minute. Next, take a heaping spoonful of the morsels and stir it into the milk. Within seconds, that plain cup of warm milk transforms into some decadent hot chocolate.

And the best part? It’s those last few sips.

That’s because just a bit of the velvety chocolate settles at the bottom of each cup, producing a bold finish to an already spectacular drink.  I can’t imagine a better way to enjoy a winter evening on the back deck.

The morsels also work quite nicely in that morning cup of coffee, transforming a boring cup of Joe into a delicious mocha. And I bet they wouldn’t taste too shabby sprinkled on top of your favorite vanilla ice cream.  The possibilities are endless.

Go ahead and 86 that grocery store, powder hot chocolate mix … Askinosie Sipping Chocolate will make you soon forget it.

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