Top 8 Ice Cream Truck Sweets from Your Childhood

Top 8 Ice Cream Truck Sweets from Your Childhood |

by Daniel Walker

No matter what your age, there’s a certain part of everyone that still lights up when they hear the slow, melodic music issuing from the neighborhood ice cream truck. You’re standing outside on a hot summer’s day when suddenly there’s that quiet jingle of the ice cream truck moving closer to your street. It’s natural at that point to check your pockets to see how much money you’ve got, hoping there’s enough for a cold treat. But has it been too long since you’ve flagged down the ice cream man? Have you neglected that sense of childhood wonder that yearns to indulge on frozen sugary sweets? Maybe it’s time you revisited your old friend. Here’s the 8 best reasons to eat at the ice cream truck:

8 Best Reasons tso Revisit the Ice Cream Truck - King Cone |

King Cone: As a kid, I remember feeling this sweet treat’s name being quite appropriate…it was bigger and better than any other ice cream snack out there. It WAS the king. It was probably more ice cream than Mom wanted me to have, but that just made it taste even better. Its soft vanilla ice cream towers over the top of its crispy sugar cone…just begging to be licked. It’s decorated with ribbons of chocolate and peanuts. This king maintains its position on the sweet treats throne.


8 Best Reasons to Revisit the Ice Cream Truck - Orange Creamsicle |

Orange Creamsicle: This flavor combination has made appearances in a number of settings—cupcakes, hard candies, even cocktails—but the original frozen treat is the creamiest and dreamiest of all. Bright citrus and cool cream, they were made for each other. It’s a treat that remains satisfyingly delicious and should always be considered when shelling over your money to the ice cream man.


8 Best Reasons to Revisit the Ice Cream Truck - Strawberry Shortcake |

Strawberry Shortcake: Does anyone have any idea what exactly they coat these things in? Those pink and tan flecks of cake-like crumbles? No matter…this cold treat nearly always pleases. Crumbly topping wrapping around vanilla ice cream with a bright strawberry center. Everything about them is artificially flavored, but you know what? I don’t care. I will put down these pops with no reservations whatsoever.


8 Best Reasons to Revisit the Ice Cream Truck - Drumstick |

Drumstick: Again, nothing complicated here. Cone + vanilla ice cream + chocolate + peanuts…you’ve seen it before. But there’s something quite gratifying about breaking through that small sphere of chocolate coated with crunchy nuts. And the best bite? That short stretch of upper cone that catches some of the excess chocolate as it cascades over the ice cream.


8 Best Reasons to Revisit the Ice Cream Truck - Chipwich |

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich aka “The Chipwich”: You love cookies. You love ice cream. Combining the two seems only appropriate on a hot summer’s day. It’s an ice cream sandwich with a bit more pizzazz. It’s basically impossible for me to eat cookies without dunking them in milk, but this little beauty eliminates the need for a glass of the white stuff. They can get a bit messy, but don’t be scared of dripping a bit of ice cream on your arms…they’re worth every napkin.


8 Best Reasons to Revisit the Ice Cream Truck - Choco Taco |

Choco Taco: Never underestimate the power of the human mind. We’ve managed to work tacos into our breakfast meals, into lunch and dinner, and late night menus….but tacos for dessert? We may have reached the apex of human invention. They shape a waffle cone to resembled a taco shell, stuff it will vanilla ice cream with strands of chocolate fudge, and drench it in peanuts and a milk chocolate coating. It’s easily the most inventive offering at the ice cream truck and definitely deserves your attention if you’ve never become acquainted.


8 Best Reasons to Revisit the Ice Cream Truck - Klondike Bar |
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Klondike Bar: It’s simple yet elegant. Just chocolate covering vanilla ice cream. But wonderful things don’t need to be complex. Unwrap these palm-sized squares of joy and savor the flavors of summer. “What would you do for a Klondike bar?” I’d at least march on over to the ice cream man and hand him my money. You should too.


8 Best Reasons to Revisit the Ice Cream Truck - Ice Cream Sandwich |

Ice Cream Sandwich: This classic treat never gets old. Personally, I like my ice cream to be slightly soft and melted when I eat an ice cream sandwich…I like to watch it ooze out the sides of its chocolate cookie confines as I’m biting into it. Many companies and brands have put their name on this frozen treat, and they’re mostly all good. You can rarely go wrong with this one.

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Daniel Walker is a native of Salt Lake City, but has spent his last few years obsessing over food in Dallas and Little Rock. He currently writes for the Arkansas Times reviewing restaurants and contributing to the food blog “Eat Arkansas.”