Turkey Cookies

By Kelsey and Sue Fehlberg

My family has made these cookies every year since I was probably five years old, and they’re always a huge hit – especially with adults! We’ve made these treats with little kids and grown-ups, and now my mom has been kind enough to demo this super-simple recipe for Treatsie!


Y O U ‘ L L  N E E D :

  • candy corn 
  • malt balls (we used Whoppers)
  • striped chocolate cookies with a hole in the middle
  • chocolate frosting

TO  M A K E :

Spread frosting on half of a cookie.


Place the malt ball in the center of the cookie, inside the hole.


Arrange 6 pieces of candy corn in a half circle around the malt ball.


Dip the end of one piece of candy corn in the chocolate frosting.


Stick the frosted end of the candy corn onto the malt ball, at around a 45 degree angle.


Voila! Bon appetit!




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