Wedding sweets (that aren’t cake!)

With wedding season just around the corner, we couldn’t help but wonder how to make these events sweeter without adding more cake. I mean, depending on the customs you follow, you can have your traditional bride’s cake, a groom’s cake and even a bridesmaid’s cake! And while we love sugar, that’s a lot of cake.

Here are 5 ways to sweeten your special day without breaking the bank (or getting a toothache).

Put it in a basket:

Photo courtesy of Southern Weddings

Imagine coming in for a wedding out of town, staying at a hotel and upon arrival you’re greeted with a basket full of goodies. Who wouldn’t love that? Pick a fun theme to wrap it around – how the couple met, maybe a cutesy movie that you love or just fill it to the brim with great local finds that your out-of-town guests may have never experienced.


Will you be my bridesmaid?

Seattle Chocolates Pink Bubbly Bar |
Champagne-inspired chocolate

Create a fun box filled with cute memories when you ask your ladies who will help you walk down the aisle. These Pink Bubbly Bars from Seattle Chocolates are the perfect addition! And actually, all the bars are super cute, so no matter what your wedding colors are, there’s a bar that will match.

Seattle bar rainbow
Adorable in every color


Center of attention:

French macaron topiary
Photo courtesy of Arkansas Bride

French macarons: everyone is going crazy over these colorful, light as air cookies right now, and for good cause; they’re adorable, come in more colors than you can imagine and almost as many different flavors.
Take it a step further with these individual French macaron topiaries for each table. They double as gorgeous centerpieces, then guests can nosh as they please.

Have a seat:

Candy bar place cards. Oh yeah, you heard me. Imagine not only finding that you’ve been seated next to the adorable co-ed but that there’s also your personal candy bar with your name on it. Literally.


Whether you have the labels custom printed or calligraphed, this added touch is a great way to let guests know where to sit and serves as a thank you gift (or a “nibble on this while you wait for your plate”!)

Custom candies

Custom Wedding Candy | Treatsie
Custom wedding candy

Monogrammed shirts for the bride and party are so 2013. How about your initials emblazoned in candy? Your nuptials will be *the* talked about event and the marker that all future weddings will be held against. Give bags of custom candy to each guest as a thank you on their way out. Plus with organic sugars and all natural flavors, you can feel good about these sweets. (Minimum order of 100 bags.)

Chocolate and Caramel Wedding Favor Assortment | Treatsie
Your thank you gift is in the bag

Or choose assorted truffles and caramels in custom printed bags. It’s a sweet reminder of a night your guests will not soon forget.

To get quotes on available wedding sweets (custom candies, Seattle Chocolates bars and bag assortments), you can request a wedding favor quote here.



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