Wednesday Links ‘Merica Edition

Patriotic Sno Cone Cupcakes

P A T R I O T I C  S N O  C O N E  C U P C A K E S

Nothing quite says summer and America like these red, white and blue sno cone cupcakes. Of all the Fourth of July recipes I’ve seen online, this by far is one of the cutest creations! The steps are a bit involved as you can imagine, but if you can pull these off, you win the holiday.

– B E K A H
(Image via Bakerella)

Poppin' Patriotic Marshmallow Pops

P O P !

Okay, I know Pop Rocks are not artisan or gourmet. But when I was thinking about what I’d like to eat on the 4th, I started thinking about fireworks. And what sweet just so happens to taste like fireworks? Pop Rocks!

I found about a zillion recipes that use Pop Rocks to add a kick to desserts, and the results look delicious and adorable. These Poppin’ Patriotic Marshmallow Pops are particularly cute, but I think you can add them to just about anything!

– K E L S E Y
(Image via A Farmgirl’s Dabbles)

Hot Dog Etiquette

A  D A Y  F O R  R E M E M B R A N C E .  A  D A Y  F O R  H O T  D O G S . 

Apparently hot dogs are the most popular 4th of July food. But do you know the proper way to eat one? Appear urbane and civilized in front of your friends with the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council’s Guide to Hot Dog Etiquette! Also, puzzle over the mere existence of such an organization.

– C A L E B 
(Image via Kelsey Fehlberg)

liquid Candy

L I Q U I D  C A N D Y

Paste Magazine recently posted the ultimate dessert beer infographic that promises to help you “navigate your way through nearly 40 syrupy stouts and ambrosial ales. Whether you like Thin Mints made by real Girl Scouts or prefer to mainline kombucha all day, we’ve got you covered (in chocolate).”

Yes, please.

– J A M I E
(Image via Paste)


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