What is Treatsie?

Your standard issue response to “What is Treatsie?” would be: A monthly subscription box that caters to the foodie with a sweet tooth.


But what does that even mean?


It means that we scour the country looking for small to mid-range candy makers and sweet confectioners. Every month we curate a box of assorted surprise sweets that is sure to delight. Each box has 4 to 6 items, and we aim for a $21-25 value per box. Items range from small-batch toffee and creative cookies to gourmet lollipops and out-of-this-world chocolate bars. While some subscription boxes focus on the high value to cost ratio, we feel that the value in our box comes from the discovery of new treats. We aren’t receiving free samples and passing them along to you. We buy each and every sweet that goes into the box, supporting these small, local businesses all over the country. Check out previous month’s boxes.


The first week of each month, subscribers have the opportunity to add items to their base box to customize their sweets selection in a program we call Add to Box. These items arrive with your surprise items and are shipped at no additional charge when the coupon code ADDTOBOX is used at checkout. You will get email reminders when it’s time to pick these items out.

In addition to the subscription box, Treatsie has a 24-hour store where you can pick out more of the items from previous boxes. These items will ship within a few days of the order being placed.


How does my box get to me?

We begin packing and shipping the third full week of the month. This means that your box may not arrive on the same day every month, but it will be close. Since we are dealing with perishable items, we work with a “just in time delivery,” which means that all the items for the monthly boxes arrive shortly before we pack them up and send them back out to you. We go to great lengths to make sure your sweets arrive fresh and in excellent condition.

How often do I pay?

The day you sign up will become the day you will be billed each month. Since the cutoff to get the current month’s box is the 14th of that month, if you sign up after that date, you are purchasing the next month’s box. Because our shipping schedule floats but your billing date is fixed, for some who sign up between the 15th and the 20th, they might pay for two boxes before receiving their first box.

When will it arrive?

It would be great if we had a revolving door of sweet boxes that shipped out immediately after the order is placed, but that doesn’t work for us for a few reasons. First off, it ruins the surprise. With our current model, everyone receives their monthly box within the same week. We are able to create a surprise box that is “revealed” shortly after everyone has received theirs. Secondly, many of the sweets that we feature in our boxes are custom orders just for us. We order as many as we need to fill our subscriptions and just a few extra to have available in the shop for people who want to buy more.

How do I sign up?

Follow this link to sign up for a Treatsie box.

  • Select your payment plan: monthly for $19.95, quarterly for $56.85 ($18.95 per box) or annually for $203.00 ($16.92 per box).
  • If you know that one box of samples isn’t going to be enough for your household (let’s be honest, most of us were never good at sharing), you can sign up for double sweets for a little more ($31.95 billed monthly, $92.85 billed quarterly or $347.00 billed annually)!
  • We also offer great deals on our gift subscriptions!

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