What to Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

Send it to troops abroad.

To the Troops!

(Image via Operation Gratitude)

Operation Gratitude sends hundreds of pounds of candy to deployed troops every year! Check out their website for tips on how to send your candy, or do some Googling – lots of dentists across the country set up candy donation centers where candy can be dropped off and they’ll ship it for you.

Put it on top of cookies.

On Cookies

(Image via Lil Luna)

You think candy can’t get any better? You are so, so wrong. Perfect for bite-size treats like M&Ms!

Make candy bark.

Candy Bark

(Image via Just a Taste)

This adorable bark recipe is easy to customize with whatever candy you’ve got lying around!

Put it INSIDE cookies.

Inside Cookies

(Image via Picky Palate)

This Skillet Baked Candy Bar Stuffed Double Cookie recipe blows our minds. It’s a cookie sandwich with candy in the middle. It’s like all our dreams have come true.

Take it to work.

Inside Cookies

(Image via theoffice.wikia.com)

Like the Bermuda Triangle, the office break room makes unwanted leftovers disappear without a trace. (Trust us. Even the boxes of Dots will be gone.)

Eat it.

Eat It.

(Image via b939country.iheart.com)

You can finish it. We believe in you. Don’t back down from the challenge now.

How do you make your leftover candy disappear?


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